Life Tribute DVD

Life Tribute DVD

Life Tributes is a software package our staff uses to create a customized DVD to be viewed during the services held at our funeral home. The DVD is then given to the family at the conclusion of the services and can be viewed at home with either a DVD player attached to the television or a computer equipped with a DVD reader.

Life Tributes uses photographs provided to us from the family of the deceased to create a slide-show based DVD with the following features:

  • Any number of pictures can be used to create the DVD, but a limit of 50 is recommended.

  • The DVD can be set to any one of one hundred different musical settings, each one written specifically for Life Tributes. The music is professionally performed and recorded, and the software will automatically calculate the length of time each picture is displayed based on the number of pictures and the length of the musical selection.

  • The DVD is created using any theme listed below.

  • Life Tributes has the capability to slowly pan or zoom to a selected portion of each photograph as it is displayed.

  • A customized introduction and conclusion displays the name of the deceased and dates of birth and death with the option of viewing the obituary of the deceased.

  • Each picture can include a caption as it is displayed, such as the year that the photograph was taken.

  • The DVD will be viewed on a thirty seven inch flat-screen display that is wall-mounted in the funeral home.

  • An auto-repeat feature enables the DVD be viewed for the duration of the services at the funeral home.


Animals: Cats, Deer, Dogs
Colors: Aqua, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Red
Culture: Australia, Canada, Germany, Asian, Western
Faith: Catholic, Christian, Jewish
Flowers: Apple Blossom, Lily, Roses
Generic: Clouds, Footprint, Ocean, Woods
Hobbies: Ballet, Cards, Chess, Classic Cars, Gardening, Lighthouse, Motorcycles, Musician, Painting
Military: Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Veteran
Professions: Architect, CEO, Doctor, Engineer, Farmer, Fireman, Lawyer, Police, Politician, Teacher
Sports: Baseball, Basketball, Biking, Coach, Diving, Fishing, Football, Golf, Hockey, Hunting, Sailing, Soccer


Amazing Grace, Anniversary Songs, Baby Infant, Big Band Swing, Blues, Celtic, Classical, Country, Gospel, Hawaiian, Hip Hop, Hopeful, Hymns, Jazz, Latin, New Age, Patriotic, Reflective, Rock, Sweet Strings, Theatrical, Vocal.

A sample DVD can be viewed at the funeral home during arrangements, or you can visit the company’s website to see a sample video.

If you wish to have the funeral home create a Life Tributes DVD, then we will need to be provided with:

  1. A series of no more than 50 photographs. If you desire the pictures to be displayed in a pre-determined order, then please demarcate the order on the back of the photograph by lightly numbering them with a pencil. If you wish a caption to be displayed with any particular photograph, then please write the caption on a separate sheet of paper and identify by numbering the photograph to which it belongs. Photographs must be provided to the funeral home no later than forty-eight hours prior to services, and it is recommended that no more than fifty photographs be used.

  2. A selection of both the theme of the DVD and the music.

  3. The number of copies you wish for us to produce.

The photographs will be returned to the family at the time of service as will the copies of the Life Tributes DVD. Please note that some photographs, due to the photo technique or grain of the picture, will scan to a lesser quality as compared to the original.

Should you have any questions regarding this service, please contact our office at (570) 668-0390.

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