Social Media Etiquette for Announcing a Death

Creating a social media post about a loved one’s death is both a way to grieve and memorialize them, but it’s important to consider your social media followers and whether they know yet about their loved one’s death. No one should have to find out through social media that their close family member or friend passed away. They deserve to hear it from a family member or friend, not an online post.


Generally, wait at least 24 hours before posting about a loved one’s death. That way, you allow time for the deceased’s family and friends to be personally contacted about their loved one’s passing. If you know for sure that everyone was contacted about the death, then it’s probably alright to post online.


Another thing to consider is letting those closest to the decesed post first. For example, if your cousin passes away, consider letting their parents or siblings make the first post. Since you both likely share friends on social media, your aunt and uncle may want people to hear the news from them. Although everyone is grieving your cousin’s death, it’s a considerate gesture to let them post first since it’s their child.


Also, remember that everyone grieves differently. You don’t have to feel obligated to post on social media about your loved one’s passing just because other people did. It doesn’t mean that you’re any less impacted by their death.

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